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Sarah Wolfe,
Licensed Massage Therapist
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Sarah Wolfe is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) who loves what she does. She has a strong background in the spa industry and has worked at local day spas and a resort for years, but is stepping away from the spa to focus on her own business. She is very disciplined in all that she does. As is evident in how she has taken control of her own health and has lost over 55 pounds recently, and is continually working on her own health and fitness.
She is skilled in therapeutic massage modalities like deep tissue and works intuitively to help all of her clients. 
She loves to incorporate eastern modalities into her practice like Chinese Cupping, Gua-Sha, and Himalayan singing bowls to facilitate pain relief, wellness, and natural healing. Sarah's clients all agree that she has made a significant difference for them, and has improved their overall wellbeing. 
She looks forward to working with you.