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Anna Marie Smith, Founder
Elevation Fitness Staff
Kayla Marie Smith
Laci Wall
​Anna Marie has been in the Fitness industry for 33 years as an Ace Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor teaching at some of the most prestigious facilities in the world including The Biggest Loser, Red Mountain Spa and Green Valley Spa working with individuals from around the globe.  She is also certified in TRX, Mat Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing and Cycling. Anna Marie has worked with all age groups, including children to older adults through Boot Camps around the country. She specializes in Fitness Programs for women in the 40+ age group, who are struggling with the symptoms of menopause and after. Anna Marie has a love for Strength Training and believes that technique is most important for desired results. She also works with companies to implement Health and Wellness Programs, which empower their employees with knowledge of how to take control of their lives.
Kayla Marie Smith has recently graduated with her Bachelor's degree from Southern Utah University in Physical Education with an emphasis in Exercise Science. She has enjoyed having fitness be a part of her life and her family members lives. Kayla has danced for as long as she can remember and has been involved with some of the record breaking seasons at Tuacahn Theater summer shows including Tarzan, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Mary Poppins and Starlight Express. Kayla is honored to be involved in this great retreat and is excited to help the guests achieve their goals!
Tam Turpin
My name is Tam Turpin and I love fitness! I am a NASM certified trainer and ACE certified group fitness instructor. I have been helping clients reach their individual fitness goals for the past 15 years. 
My intent during training is to find what motivates you and help you reach your potential through fun, creative and encouraging sessions! 
No matter where you are on the path of your fitness journey I can help! I have a passion for coaching individuals through challenges that occur while trying to achieve personal fitness goals. Whether that challenge is an injury, a plateau in weight loss and strength level, or boredom in stale routines I have the solution. Together we can make each visit to the gym a step closer to your fitness goals! I will help you keep it simple. 
I have clients of all ages and all fitness levels. I have helped individuals prepare for fitness shows, train for marathons and triathlons and help those that are looking to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. 
When you begin your fitness journey with me I will research and design a perfect program that along with your hard work will lead you to your goal! 
Let’s get started!

James Thompson
NASM - Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist, Crossfit-L1 TrainerN

I am from Los Angeles, CA. I’ve lived in St. George for 8 years. I have a wife and two sons. I have been involved with sports since I was 6 years old. Growing up in L.A., my mother made sure to keep me busy and out of trouble. This allowed me to have a wide variety of coaching styles and training regimens to add to my tool belt. I have been a certified personal trainer since 2010. This job is extremely rewarding because I get to help people physically and emotionally. The feeling of changing lives brings me overwhelming joy. I have been told that I have a great personality, but I let you be the judge of that. Please fill free to come talk to me. I will be happy to assist you.  
My current hobbies include but not limited to:
Crossfit training - Spartan Obstacle Races - Semi-Pro Football - Marathon Running - Power Lifting - ATA Taekwondo - Parenting - Nutritional education - Personal Training

Clara Seegmille
Transplant to beautiful St. George, Clara Seegmiller has been involved in sports and fitness for many years including playing soccer in college. Clara attended Bryan University Advanced Health and Fitness Bachelor Degree Program where she has had the opportunity to study under some of the nations leading movement specialist. She has a license in Group Fitness and Senior Fitness from ACE, a personal training license from ISSA, fascia taping from Rocktape, and an indoor cycling certification from Spinning. She holds a special place in heart for seniors and helping them to stay active. Clara has been training clients at home and is excited to begin to train clients here at Elevation Fitness. Give her a call today to set up your consultation. 
Lilac Spring Argyle
Lilac Spring Argyle has been a yoga instructor in St. George for several years. Her style is mainly vinyasa based. She is very passionate about teaching and brings a sense of playfulness and originality to her classes. She enjoys helping others to feel better about their lives, their bodies and themselves through the peaceful practice of yoga. Lilac has four darling kids and a husband she adores! 
Stephanie Treanor
Stephanie has a deep passion for family, fitness and natural health. She loves her wild and crazy crew of 4 boys and amazing husband. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Family Life in 2009. She certified as a PIYO instructor in 2014. She loves teaching and sharing the fun, joy, and fulfillment that can be found in fitness. She focuses her classes around total body health; including cardiovascular endurance, muscle toning and defining, balance, flexibility and mental strength. Stephanie is grateful to be apart of the Elevation Fitness staff! 
Laci Wall aka "LDUB"
I am grateful to have lived in beautiful sunny St. George since 2004. I have a bachelors degree in Human Performance and Wellness and a lifelong passion for music and dance. I created LDUB CLUB DANCE FITNESS in 2011.

LDUB CLUB is an "out of the ordinary, high-energy and fun" class combining a balanced blend of dance and fitness. This class offers muscle specific routines, cardio and a ton of positive vibes!

My intention is to create a positive, comfortable, safe space to "Just Be". I believe in being active, engaging muscles, building stamina, cardio strength and improving mental fitness. Total body workout, spirit mind and body. I call it "Dance Fitness Fun". Getting fit while getting your groove on!
Afsana Lessly
Afsana Lessly
Being born in mud hut and living 15 years of my life in Refugee camp(which I don't regrated at all). I am now proud to say I own (threading) business in St.George and Las Vegas." It's doesn't matter where you came from, what matters is how you choose to be" and I choose to work hard everyday. 
Hi, I am Afsana Lessly, I love any kind of fitness. But Zumba is one of my favorite out of all because I have deep passion for dance since the early age. Which is why I have fallen in love with Zumba in no time. I have also lost 35 lbs over past 2 years and got my Zumba Instuctor license. And now, I am here to help you get closer to your goals. #zumba #danceandfitness #cardioandfun.
 Let the party begin!!!
Liz Fortney
Liz Fortney moved to Ivins in 2016 from Cincinnati, where she taught group cardio and weight training classes for 30 years. Liz holds a Group Exercise certification from AAFA and is passionate about helping people improve their overall health, fitness, balance and coordination through cardio dance. Liz strives to provide a high energy, fun and inclusive aerobic and muscle workout for people of all fitness levels.