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Anna Marie Smith, Founder
Elevation Fitness Staff
​Anna Marie has been in the Fitness industry for 33 years as an Ace Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor teaching at some of the most prestigious facilities in the world including The Biggest Loser, Red Mountain Spa and Green Valley Spa working with individuals from around the globe.  She is also certified in TRX, Mat Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing and Cycling. Anna Marie has worked with all age groups, including children to older adults through Boot Camps around the country. She specializes in Fitness Programs for women in the 40+ age group, who are struggling with the symptoms of menopause and after. Anna Marie has a love for Strength Training and believes that technique is most important for desired results. She also works with companies to implement Health and Wellness Programs, which empower their employees with knowledge of how to take control of their lives.
Tam Turpin
My name is Tam Turpin and I love fitness! I am a NASM certified trainer and ACE certified group fitness instructor. I have been helping clients reach their individual fitness goals for the past 15 years. 
My intent during training is to find what motivates you and help you reach your potential through fun, creative and encouraging sessions! 
No matter where you are on the path of your fitness journey I can help! I have a passion for coaching individuals through challenges that occur while trying to achieve personal fitness goals. Whether that challenge is an injury, a plateau in weight loss and strength level, or boredom in stale routines I have the solution. Together we can make each visit to the gym a step closer to your fitness goals! I will help you keep it simple. 
I have clients of all ages and all fitness levels. I have helped individuals prepare for fitness shows, train for marathons and triathlons and help those that are looking to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. 
When you begin your fitness journey with me I will research and design a perfect program that along with your hard work will lead you to your goal! 
Let’s get started!

Lilac Spring Argyle
Lilac Spring Argyle has been a yoga instructor in St. George for several years. Her style is mainly vinyasa based. She is very passionate about teaching and brings a sense of playfulness and originality to her classes. She enjoys helping others to feel better about their lives, their bodies and themselves through the peaceful practice of yoga. Lilac has four darling kids and a husband she adores! 
Liz Fortney
Liz Fortney moved to Ivins in 2016 from Cincinnati, where she taught group cardio and weight training classes for 30 years. Liz holds a Group Exercise certification from AAFA and is passionate about helping people improve their overall health, fitness, balance and coordination through cardio dance. Liz strives to provide a high energy, fun and inclusive aerobic and muscle workout for people of all fitness levels.
I’ve been an athlete all my life, so fitness has always been apart of me, I absolutely love what I do. So when I turned 18 I got certified to teach fitness classes then a couple of years later got certified as a personal trainer, have been doing it ever since. it has been a huge passion of mine. I love helping and motivating others to empower each person and become the best version of themselves. My certifications are: NESTA PT,AFFA group fitness instructor, Body pump,bodycombat, rpm, cxworx, high fitness, yoga, Pilates, spin, trx, RIpped, turbo kick
Jolene Walker
Kara’s passion is fitness and to promote overall health/wellness. Her goal is to inspire others to this through a fun, active and health/balanced lifestyle! She has been active all her life with a lifeguarding/swim instructor and group fitness instructor background. Kara has completed eleven international Ironman triathlon events; qualified for the Kona IM World Championship and Boston Marathon. Although, she has completed these high level events, she is committed to helping the average individual achieve their fitness goals and especially committed to helping those hindered by medical conditions get into a positive healthy and active lifestyle. Kara has also been
compromised by her share of injuries that initially sidelined her, but she now worked back into a
more moderate but very active and healthy lifestyle!
Kara Shears
Laurie Marx
My name is Laurie Marx. I am a mother of 3 boys. I grew up in Washington state and I loved playing sports - volleyball, basketball, softball and track. As I've grown older I have become an avid runner. I have ran over 20 half marathons, a marathon, and a handful of ultra marathons. Being a life long athlete grew a desire in me to push and challenge myself. I love pushing and challenging people to do things they never thought they could. Breaking thru those mental barriers is what I do best!

I have been a certified personal trainer thru ISSA for over 6 years. I am a certified level 1 Strong First Kettlebell instructor. I am also certified as a Speed and Agility instructor as well as being certified in TRX and BOSU. I was taught Kickboxing by a former professional Bellator fighter and have been teaching kickboxing for the last 4 years. 
Travis Marx
Travis Marx and his family moved to St. George in 2017 after they fell in love with the area while on vacation. Travis loves spending time with his wife and 3 boys. He enjoys everything outoors including hiking, dirt biking, and mt. biking. Travis is also a high school wrestling coach at Pine View High School.
Travis's passion for competition introduced him to the many facets of health and fitness. He knows first hand how a correct fitness regiment not only improves our physical wellbeing but our mental and spiritual as well. Travis will use his certifications in TRX, Strong First Kettlebells (level 1), Rock Steady Boxing (Fighting Back Against Parkinson's Disease) and his college and professional careers to help you become the best version of your self. If you're ready to bring out the "fighter" in you then Travis is your guy!!
Tilly Randolph
Tilly Randolph has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She is an AFAA certified personal trainer as well as a 2023 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach . 
With her experience she brings national certifications in Group Fitness and Kickboxing. She also specializes Yoga, Pilates, Body Sculpt and Silver Sneakers.

Aspen Hamilton
Aspen Hamilton is a senior at St.George Academy. She enjoys gaming, playing with friends, and studying Mythology. She is a hard worker and likes to have fun by torturing those around her.
Nathan Olsen
Nathan Olsen, an ISSA-certified personal trainer, has been passionate about health and fitness since the age of 15. With extensive experience and a deep understanding of exercise science and nutrition, Nathan creates personalized workout plans to help clients achieve their fitness goals. His commitment to continuous learning and holistic well-being inspires those around him to prioritize a healthy lifestyle. Nathan's infectious enthusiasm, genuine care, and unwavering support make him a trusted ally for individuals seeking transformation in their health and wellness journey.

Nathan Olsen 435-632-5031 
Double click My name is NaKesha! I'm an ISSA-certified personal trainer with a strong passion for creating an enjoyable and sustainable path to health and wellness. I believe in taking a personalized approach, carefully assessing each individuals goals, current fitness level, and lifestyle to craft an effective training program. Having embarked on my own fitness journey to aid in mental health struggles, I am committed to encouraging others who may benefit from a similar support system. Together we'll navigate challenges, conquer fears, and embrace opposing perspectives, fostering growth and empowerment along the to add text.
Hey there! My name is Spencer Tilkens and I'm a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA. My
passion is to help others achieve their fitness goals no matter the obstacles. I know the gym can
be overwhelming, but I promise to make your fitness journey as straightforward and enjoyable
as possible. I was a multiple sport athlete my whole life growing up and have had to overcome
many injuries and surgeries, so I know all about adversity and pushing through it. The gym is an
amazing place where you can change your life for the better, and I'd love to help you along your
journey to surpass any challenge(s) you set for yourself. If you're interested in getting started
don't hesitate to call me or send me an email for your free consultation.
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